Here’s a Quick Way to Do Something About the Quebec Mosque Attack

The current state of the world might have you feeling super stressed lately. Or maybe it’s the knowledge you’ve had all along about the pervasive dangers of xenophobia and Islamophobia. Either way, you’ve been hearing from the community about the importance of self love and self care during these difficult times.

But also remember activism. Remember to care for and love your community members in a tangible way. It is not enough to retweet #NoBanNoWall.

Reach out to your MP

Read this letter, get inspired, and write your own letter (I hear copy/paste is totally a thing, too).

Dear Member of Parliament,
I am deeply concerned about the recent attacks targeting Muslim Canadians in a place of worship. A mosque is a safe place. It is the duty of the Canadian government who prides itself on our inclusive and diverse identity, to protect these core values of our nation, and most importantly, the lives of our fellow citizens.

Anti-Islamic sentiments are not new to this country. The Canadian government has work to do to dismantle hateful ideologies. I urge elected officials to respond to the people of Canada, and act now to protect our safety and humanity.


A concerned civilian

Who do I send it to? 

Email your MP (Member of Parliament). The link below will direct you to the Government of Canada’s current Members of Parliament page. Just drop your postal code and hit the “Find MP” button.

Who is my MP?

Wait, what’s my postal code?



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