A Poem for Black History Month

Bus Ride

Sitting at the back of the bus heading to school
Maybe I’ll learn something new, something useful
Or unlearn something old, something harmful

Like why I feel like an alien in my own fucking city. Like how Canadians erased an entire history. Like how Black people ‘been in this country for hundreds of years. But you act like we all just got here. How like half of Canada’s founding fathers owned slaves, but you try to tell me that racism doesn’t exist today? Bitch, that shit just happened yesterday.

Doesn’t take a genius to guess how the effects still manifest. That’s why there’s still an empty seat next to my brother on this bus. All these people standing, but failing to take a stand. Driving past Peter Street, named for Peter Russell, but not for Peggy Pompadour, his Canadian slave.

How does that sound in your closed mouth? How does it taste? You’re not being polite by keeping quiet, eh. Your complacency commits your name as culprit.

So I challenge you to attend your own school, pick up a book and learn something new, something useful, or unlearn something old, something harmful.


Click here to check out the work of Camille Turner who is remapping Black narratives in Canada!


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